Plot Twist. There was no Schnitzel!

A familiar route here in Vienna, and only about 6km, but dressed in its winter colors on Sunday. And at the beginning, even blue skies and sunshine!

Partway into our route we stopped for a snack. Most definitely a Stammgast at her Stammtisch, for the waitstaff brought her meal within moments of her arrival.

No picnics today.

Just over the peak of the hill lies Vienna.

We finished our hike in Grinzing, the wine tavern “village” in Vienna’s 19th district. Though our restaurant choice for lunch didn’t seem much like a traditional heuriger, it was fun to watch the master chef at work handcrafting each order.

The plot twist. Zwiebelrostbraten for Tony; Tartare for me. A pleasant enough diversion, but we both agreed that Schnitzel pairs better with Hiking. Next time.