Because it is February, after all.

February, at least this year, seems unusually dull. Numerous indoor projects and activities have filled my weekdays, but the weekends have been coming up short. We’re supposed to be skiing, I guess.

This weekend’s route was titled, “Tut Gut Wanderung,” a self-described panoramic 3,9 km loop in the Rax alpine region near Vienna. The air was cold, but the skies were blue and the sun was shining. A pretty drive, a short wander in the fresh alpine air, and lunch would easily fill our day.

The first kilometer of the wander was so enjoyable, in fact, that we missed a directional sign and found ourselves in the neighboring village! Whoops.

Not wanting to backtrack, we finally looked at our paper map and cobbled together a return route, over the river and into the hills. Beautiful, but this was about the point where the “hangrys” had set in and we weren’t of the mind to much appreciate the scenery.

Two kilometers later, signs of civilization.

8 kilometers in total, later, we arrived back at our starting point. The one establishment open for dining (restaurants in the provinces embrace the Mittagspause) happened to be a wellness hotel and thankfully offered more than lettuce on the menu! An unexpected, but savory, presentation of Backhendl Salat cured my hunger in the first bite. Wellness, indeed.

We decided we’ll return in better weather (because, cows!), and when our wily Foxhound can serve as our guide.