It is well known; at least well known amongst our friends, that Tony and I neither ski nor waltz, two requirements of Austrian living for which our delinquency should have resulted in our residency cards long being confiscated. But we have become quite fond of weekend wandering, another important pillar of life in an alpine country and perhaps our saving grace.

Having been raised in the desert southwest of the United States, Tony is not quite a winter wandering expert, so we stick to the rookie routes that are mostly flat but also offer views along with that healthy dose of fresh alpine air. This weekend we wandered along the Semmering railway path in search of the “20 Schilling View,”  a scene that appeared on the Austrian 20-Schilling note before the conversion to the Euro.

A partially frozen stream; and random acts of kindness along our wander.

Villas adorned with antlers for me to covet.

Eventually we think we found the viewpoint?

Or, perhaps this was Das Blick?

One view or the other, the weekend wander was tut gut!