A favorite theme dominates.

But first. I can only hope these cherries weren’t wasted by the vendor hoping to make a fortune selling them. Thirty Euros for a kilogram of cherries is practically extortion.

Wrong. Just wrong.

Even Sister Mary Margaret agrees.

The Boys. Jolly begs and they each receive a biscuit. CTF is clever like that.

Vienna Grocery Rules to Live By:

  1. Do not shop on Monday morning. The shelves are not fully stocked following the Sunday Shutdown. Or shop on any morning following any Shutdown, for that matter.
  2. Do not shop on Pensioner Friday (the first Friday of the month, I think). Too many Pensioners and too little aisle space.
  3. Do not shop in the evening before a holiday closure; and especially when the grocer is offering a 15% discount. Enough said.

And my newest rule:

4. Avoid the “Information” checkout lane. It being the shopper behind me had begun to load their groceries, I was committed. Pensioner on the right had just been refunded €0,44, after far too much discussion, when Pensioner on the left appeared demanding he be offered the “Member” discount even though he was not a “Member” (yet “Membership” is free). I think the clerks were saints in their previous lives, for they simply smile and readjust receipts of the Entitled Class.

Speaking of the Entitled Class. These are the Pensioners who don’t give one rat’s patooty for rules of civilized society. The “Persons with Small Children” parking space usage has been so abused at the grocery near my home that the reminder signs have been put up again. Waste of time and paper, if you ask me.

On this particular day, though, I scored a triple shot!  The standard Pensioner without children on the left, and not one, but two Asshat Parkers.

Let’s continue. Another Triple!

Saving the best for last. I don’t have my scorecard handy, but this might be Slovakia’s first; if not, certainly the best entry in the competition. FOUR SPACES with one Skoda Sedan. Go Big or Go Home, Slovakia.