We think Clayton Theodore has an addiction. To hiking.

On weekend days in the warmer months he watches our morning movements closely. Sometimes he positions himself by the front door as if to say, “You go nowhere without me.”

On Saturday we had not planned to hike, but CTF was having none of that. At 0608 he barked. Loudly. When a 25kg Foxhound barks, you listen. He had positioned himself in the front hallway, ready to go somewhere, anywhere! Our human children were never this demanding.

We managed to keep our canine “toddler” mostly preoccupied until later in the morning, and then revisited a favorite, easy 6km wander on the edge of the Vienna Woods. He dutifully led us along the route and to the Alm, where he patiently waited for his payment.

“Heh. Heh. The Pommes are coming. I just know it.”

Look at that cheeky little stalker.


Nothing to see here, just some hiker changing clothes…

While we were enjoying our Schnitzel a group of people arrived for a celebration. The Oma in blue was celebrating her 98th birthday with three other tables of guests!

A classic. We guessed it was Oma’s ride.

Speaking of rides, one of the downsides of this route are the cyclists. While most are respectful and mindful, there are others who ride like they probably drive and park…the proprietor grew weary of shouting, “Langsam!” (“Slowly!”) and took matters into her own hands with this board plunked right in the middle of the path.

On Sunday morning Clayton Theodore lay asnooze, suspecting not in the least that he would be taken for a second weekend wander. But turnabout is fair play and we rousted him from his sofa slumber; rather than the usual morning walk in the park, however, we directed him into the wagon and drove off into the Hochschwab for a gorgeous Erlaufsee wander.


One of the American Foxhound’s best qualities is their love of water. Clearly.

What else to eat when at a beachside table but the fresh lake trout?

To close out a lovely 13km wandering weekend, a must-stop-and-snap…the first alpine “Moo” of the season!