Dante’s Little Mentioned 10th Circle: The AIS Vienna Loop

AIS Vienna as it exists has been a school on this site since 1964. The campus sits on the edge of the Vienna Woods, where the old village roads (now a district of Vienna) are narrow and the Bentleys are wide. Add to that the numerous Austrian families without AIS students who generally don’t like the school being there (though they bought homes well after 1964 and knew who their neighbors were); and it is a recipe for tension that has existed for at least the six years we have been in Vienna, and likely for much longer.

The roads on the loop are terribly, terribly narrow, some with only passage in one direction at a time, with the favored approach to the school being a right turn at the first blind corner (the explosion on the right, the scene of at least a couple of accidents each term); and a prayer for good luck that no one (typically a local resident) is heading away from the school on the approach (the explosion on the left). Traffic generally proceeds away from the school to return to Hameaustraße.

Only under extreme circumstances (did) I collect either Jack and now collect Anna from school; final exam week being one of them (the commute on public can be long if connections are missed, and our little Nerd needs to study.) Today while waiting for Anna (it is final exam week), yet another standoff happened. Ideally there would be time-limited one-way routes to improve traffic flow, but I suspect you-know-whom would never go for it.

The local resident; an Asshat, really, could easily have waited the 2? 3? seconds for the vehicle driving toward the school to proceed but instead purposely turned down the lane, causing a confrontation (the green explosion); at one point even attempting to defend his actions with, “I’m an Austrian and I live here.” (In English)  I popped out of my wagon and did my Girl Scout good deed of the day and encouraged resolution to keep traffic flowing; but at the end of the day, it is just so disappointing that we all can’t get along. (The local resident did reverse to allow traffic to flow…)