On the day before we departed for Minsk we elected to remain close to home because, well, procrastination meant that we had not even opened a suitcase, much less put anything into it,  so we perhaps could not idle away the entire day.

But it was still important that we not disturb our nerdy daughter and her studies, so we had to get out of the house for a little bit.  The Orangerie at Schloss Schönbrunn was open for viewing of the historic citrus collection of the Bundesgärten, including plants that were over 180 years old. So we visited and surprised ourselves by having a pleasant time, even if we did not find the  historic citrus.

Citrus Days included more than the obvious. A gorgeous array of cacti almost inspired me to start a garden, but my black thumb is strong so, no.

Pumpkin Seed Oil Schnapps. What were we thinking when we sampled?

Felted wool garden fairies; a standing-room-only citrus class; and books covering the history of Italian fruit.

In the Schönbrunn gardens proper, a bride having her lovely day recorded. And for James Bond fans, a scene snap from The Living Daylights. (Spoiler: Bond and Kara were not really in Bratislava…)