Because there is so much more going on in our lives than weekend outings and jetting about the globe.

Both of our children have been described by their peers and educators as humble, a characteristic we most definitely encourage. Sometimes, though, their accomplishments reveal themselves and we are allowed to celebrate.

To begin the annual end-of-academic year awards season, AISV holds a “Book Awards” ceremony on a weekday afternoon. The entire HS class is in attendance, and the mood is light. The awards are far from Participation Trophies (the Senior Math award, for example was given to a cellist/pianist and near-Olympic record varsity swimmer who just happened to develop a novel maths calculation, one that his teacher encouraged him to publish), so Tony and I were excited to receive word that our favorite daughter would be a recipient. The award, as might be inferred, is a book, to without doubt further inspire these brilliant young minds.

Anna Grace received the Grade 11 Faculty Award for Excellence overall in academics and leadership inside and outside of the classroom.

To live in the musical heart of Europe, Vienna, is a privilege. To listen to our daughter perform in the Mozarthaus Concert Saal in the shadows of Stephansdom, an even greater privilege.

A week or so ago was the spring studio recital, an evening filled with two hours of beautiful music. Our diva performed a Mozart Concerto, naturally. Afterward, dinner at a favorite restaurant.* With Sacher Torte, of course.

(*This restaurant I have mentioned frequently in my writings, though I will never disclose its name. The proprietors recognize us and offer “Unsere Stammtisch” (Our regular table) with a smile. In winter when we drop in, Tony almost always orders the seasonal soup to begin, and Herr Proprietor always brings a second spoon, for me. Mostly we are addressed in German; though on occasion there will be some English, and we joke that we are a funny puzzle for Herr and Frau Proprietor. For this evening I had telephoned and requested a reservation; our arrival–in dress clothes and with Anna carrying a violin case emblazoned with an “I ❤ AIS Vienna” sticker”–seemed to give them one more data point for the puzzle.)

But once again, a food digression…not an award, just an anecdote from the international school world, where “prom dates” are a thing of the past. Because why attend the party with one friend when you can attend with all of your friends! We hosted the pre-party, wherein five teen girls descended upon our home to primp and prepare. Tony fled to our home office space, positioning himself behind a computer monitor until the last hair had been sprayed; the final eyelash plumped; and the modestly-attired young ladies had presented themselves in the garden for photos. CTF, of course, positioned himself for maximum hound love.

Finally, the end of the academic year recognitions-blitz concluded with the HS Sports Awards Banquet. The event is always lovely: dinner is served; parents mingle; and then the athletes are recognized. (Anna Grace was acknowledged for her Triple Jump school record at the final varsity tournament of the season, hosted by Munich IS.)

To conclude the evening, awards were given to the top female and male scholar athletes, two students who excel on and off the field. To our surprise and great delight, this year’s AISV female scholar athlete was none other than our favorite Lady Knight!

May our darling children forever be so humble.