I write that this was not a terribly interesting walkabout.

Vienna’s Sixth District, Mariahilf, is small in area and perfectly fine; near to the city’s Inner Stadt, but just a step removed so as to be unremarkable. Just like my Gemeindebau wander.

The district’s main street, Mariahilfestraße recently became a pedestrian zone. I admit that I am pleased with this modification, especially when friends and I are noshing at the outside tables at Türkis, the quite-good-for-a-chain Turkish restaurant, and people watching without the haze of exhaust fumes. One of my friends speaks Turkish, which works to our benefit when she orders the better-than-the-usual Kunife, a Baklava-type dish that arrives at our table.

But I digress over food, a pattern for me. Mostly the street is utilitarian and resembles an ordinary American shopping mall, except that the stores are outdoors and extend for several blocks. Oh, and there’s also a WWII-era flak tower lurking from a nearby street. The tower was transformed into the city’s aquarium because, why not? I have visited at least three times; the aquarium is actually well done.

I did not encounter too much Kunst am Bau; some was in the courtyards of the gated Gemeindebau and thus unaccessible. Two of these snaps are from privately-owned condominium buildings, and you can likely determine which two.

My walk along the district’s other main street took me past a vintage book store, the proprietor’s collection of which had a noticeable subject.

Plus the story of Hans Krankl, one of Austria’s greatest footballers.

Stolpersteine in Mariahilf, including one to the deported Jewish students at a vocational school.

And two forlorn-looking cafes.


For those keeping a score card, this is the 14th district I have wandered in search of Kunst am Bau; 9 districts remain…