All this time, Europe’s largest bird-of-prey sanctuary has been just 30 minutes from my home. Today was a recon mission. I will return, real camera in hand.

I only learned about this gorge and the sanctuary late last autumn, one weekend before the sanctuary closed for the winter season.  Today, finally,  Tony and I and our wily guide wandered the length of the Hagenbachklamm to find 30 birds of prey waiting just for me.

Mostly brown birds in their mostly brown enclosures and set against a cloudy and grey sky backdrop is not the best setting for iPhone snaps. But this bird-of-prey fangirl did her best. The sanctuary, I learned, began in the 1970’s. The resident Andean Condor is 32 years old!

Oh, yeah, almost forgot about the gorge. ‘Twas a pretty wander, but we thought it might be most exceptional in autumn.  CTF totally loved it, though.

An unexpected lovely snap with my iPhone.

As per the protocol, lunch was of course Schnitzel. One of our best-loved restaurants was just a winding drive through the woods and capped our outing deliciously.

And then, a quick homeward bound over the Hohenstraße.