Though the day did begin with an H&S plan.

It is official: we have created a monster in Clayton Theodore. On Saturday he decided that 0547 would be the ideal time to patter into our room and whimper impatiently at us, almost like he knew he was going on an outing. It is a good thing we love him.

I had decided to face my open cable car fear (following the GAP weekend), and Saturday was to be the day. Except, the weather on the summit of choice was not on board with my plan, so we redirected and investigated the Kittenberger Erlebnisgärten, an “adventure garden” in one of the wine regions of Lower Austria.

Really, a lovely way to spend a few hours. Gentle hills to climb; a gnome-themed maze to navigate; numerous places to soak up the sun; ponds (and a kangaroo sanctuary?) for CTF to explore; and random well-coiffed llamas walking along just for kicks!

CTF and the barely-visible kangaroo engaged in a stare-off.

There was a Nudie Gnome scene, as well, but this is a G-rated blog.

Someone loved the water features of the garden.

And at the end of our outing, a Waldviertel Fairy!