Germany has ruined driving fun.

Similar to motorway conditions across parts of my homeland, Germany has neglected theirs and is playing catch-up.  The result has made travel across the country fairly miserable. Two summers ago we squashed our Bretagne holiday plan when, following an ill-fated two-night stopover in Heidelberg, we wound up reversing course, eating the rental home cost, and returning to Vienna rather sour.

Part of our itinerary on that holiday was to include a visit to Korb, a small German wine town not too far from Stuttgart. Tony’s uncle is the family genealogist, and he had traced the movement of one of the Irish family members to this little village. He also asked that “should we ever be in the near,” would we mind dropping in to take photos?  Of course we would not mind. The problem is, Germany’s road conditions are preventing us from completing this mission.

With Tony having departed for a brief work holiday the day prior, Anna Grace and I sat at breakfast early on Monday discussing the, “What to do?” for the week. I consulted traffic maps and we decided on Mission: Korb, Take Two. In a jiffy I reserved a hotel at about the halfway point, Regensburg; we threw a suitcase together and piled Clayton Theodore into the wagon. And we were off!

The first 3.5 hours of the drive went swimmingly. We hummed along Austria’s autobahn and slowed only briefly at the border. But with just 37km to travel before we reached Regensburg, traffic ground to halt. Road construction delays, natürlich. Eventually we limped in to our destination, our spirits equally as wilted from the six hour drive. We freshened up, wandered the AltStadt randomly and then sat for an early al fresco supper at a little Italian place.

We returned from dinner to find that CTF had located his preferred spot for the night. Anna Grace quite literally had to push him off the bed, spoiled hound that he is.

The original plan was to head out early the following morning for the 3 hour drive to Korb; though, when we checked the traffic reports at 0700 the drive time had already creeped up by an hour, and that is when we decided that Mission: Korb, Take Two was over. We instead lingered over our lovely breakfast; snapped the lead onto CTF and explored Regensburg before packing the wagon and returning to Vienna.

The spoiled hound jumped onto the bed while we were at breakfast, too! He has no shame.

St. Peter’s Cathedral. We were the only visitors inside on our morning.

Remnants of the oldest Roman gate north of the Alps.

The Bishop’s Courtyard and the pretty medieval lanes of Regensburg.

Views of the city from across the river.


There is written an expression that, “The Third Time is the Charm.”  Perhaps that will come to be in Mission: Korb; but for the foreseeable future, though, we’ll leave Germany to the Germans.