Perhaps we are indeed on a slippery slope with all of this hiking and wandering. Though, I have not subscribed to Bergwelten. Yet.

Sunday’s weather forecast once again was not inspiring us to take a cable car up to the top of somewhere and wander around, but it wasn’t dreary enough to inspire us to seek an indoor activity, either. So to the gorge of a couple of weekends ago we returned, this time to actually complete the wander.

Clayton Theodore is happiest when Anna Grace is his handler.



“We must hurry to the Pommes.”

A short drive away was a preferred place for Schnitzel. The table setting has been fancied-up since our last visit; and the Pommes bowl now includes the Gasthof logo. And, the Gasthof sign had been modernized. We all hoped the place hasn’t gone all chicy-mhicy.

(For those who study the photos, my wine glass was secured because two bees had committed Harikari by drowning in the fermented grape glass even before lunch was served.)