Clayton Theodore meets a wild evolutionary ancestor.

Not too far from the house is a Wolf Science Center conveniently tucked into Naturpark Ernstbrunn, that is part of the larger animal park with the usual alpine and farm animal suspects to feed and photograph. And it’s dog friendly! Of course we had to investigate.

At the edge of the town nearest the park we spotted this sign and became instantly curious.

The petting zoo greeters.

Yes, the donkey nose was indeed velvety soft to the touch.

Kissed by a goat!

The Ibex. ‘Bout as close as I will ever come to seeing one in the wild.

The highlight of this wander through the park was the meeting of Canis Familiaris and Canis Lupus. One Canadian Grey Wolf in particular was extremely curious about Clayton Theodore, and the feeling was mutual.

To reach the park one drives through sleepy little towns with honor stands for all tastes: from melons, wine and juice in the DIY-er to a well-crafted vending hut filled with everything from handmade chili con carne to farm fresh eggs.

The things one discovers outside of Vienna.