More fangirl crushing…

We were welcomed to breakfast with coffee and hot milk, and Kid Rock playing quietly in the background. Add the cold Johannisbeere juice as well as being at the Kid’s Table, and the day was already a success.

Schloss Ambras was our destination. Once the home of some feudal line of German nobility, the structure, along with all of the art on the interior was acquired by the Hapsburgs, and it is now considered the oldest museum in the world.

Peacocks roam the gardens.

The castle’s Spanish Hall was particularly compelling.

An intimate look at one of the inlayed and gilded door panels.

The walls are graced with portraits of Tirolean Rulers (remember, Tirol was an independent Kingdom once upon a time…), including the originator of the Man Bun.

The sgraffito courtyard, like a giant chalkboard against the partially blue skies.

Several galleries within the castle are devoted to Hapsburg Family Portraits, the Sharpie mustache-influencers before their time.

We’ve all had bad hair days.

Probably not the “Join a Convent” poster nun.

For lunch we dropped into nearby Innsbruck, its colorful houses and medieval streets a treat even on an overcast day.


Back in Seefeld, the skies had not yet opened upon us so we took the opportunity to give CTF his afternoon constitutional. The walk around Wildsee is just a couple of kilometers but offers multiple water entrances, an essential activity for our goofy hound.

In the park two groups of the American Ambassadors of Music were performing, from California and New England. Except for the mountains, this scene could have been in any small American town.  The AoM students are nominated by their teachers for this 1 month/7 country whirl around Europe where they perform in adorable villages around England, France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy and Greece. Not a bad way to spend a summer.


I promised I would not subject the blog to all of the delicious courses we ate while in Seefeld, but this evening’s amuse bouche warranted a nod.

Smoked Fish Flan with Two-Radish “Lasagne”

Monday morning did not begin quite as forecast; still, we sallied forth with the intended itinerary for this holiday: Hike. Sauna. Eat. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

The Hiking. Wildmoossee is an “aperiodic mountain lake,” meaning that it is only a lake if there has been sufficient winter snowmelt to fill it. By summer, though, most of the lake has drained.

Along the route, Tirol Greys!  And perhaps Pinzgauer?  Regardless, I thanked these beautiful bovine for their outstanding contributions to Tirolean Bergkäse.

A couple of kilometers later… “Take shelter behind a tree” made us both laugh out loud.

Even funnier…

The Schnitzeling. The “jam” on my plate is Preiselbeere, or Lingonberry and it pairs well with Schnitzel. Because ketchup is gross.

Clayton Theodore and the Hütte Hound Daisy keeping their eyes on the prize fries.

Vitello tonnato was this evening’s amuse bouche. In all of my epicurean adventures I had never encountered veal with tuna and caper sauce, and now I can not enjoy it enough.

Gute Nacht, Seefeld.