The heatwave affecting Europe has more than worn out its welcome, at least for us. On one particularly miserable day last week the forecast 39°C found us seeking refuge in our local mountains, 1715m above Austria and where the daytime high reached just 22°C.

We have enjoyed several hikes in this area; now that I am conquering my fear of cable cars a whole new world of wandering awaits! The Rax Alpe cable car was Austria’s first, dating to 1925. The cars are now decidedly more contemporary; and with our Niederösterreich cards, the ride is entirely free!

The area is easily reachable from Vienna and so the ascending cars were quite packed with happy wanderers, both two-legged and four-pawed. Except for this one unhappy wanderer; she cried for the entire 8 minute ride and gasped every time we crossed a pole. She had my sympathy and my admiration; anyone willing to subject themselves that much angst to wander in the alps is dedicated!

The view from the Bergstation.

The Trail. If I could add the sweet and heady aroma of alpine flowers to augment your viewing experience, I would.

Schneeberg in the near. Except, without its snowy cap (not atypical this time of year) isn’t it just “Berg?” 😁

The turnaround point.

In the guesthouse, Hütte guest books from hikers past.

Mountain sprites and alpine flowers. The flowers are perhaps Alp Balm and Not Edelweiss.

Our happy and dirty four-pawed wanderer. Indeed, every muddy water puddle required a splash-through.

The customary conclusion.