31C in the valley. 21C, 2075m atop Lower Austria’s highest mountain. Guess where we opted to be on an otherwise hot and smarmy Sunday?

(In the event you are curious, the mountain grass does have a faintly sweet aroma.)

Our first visit to Schneeberg last summer was more of a reconnaissance mission; this time, we had a plan. The hike from the Bergstation to Fischerhütte was noted at about 90 minutes (more like 2 hours for me, since I have to stop and snap every 300 meters).

A parasail in the distance.

The route just looks so easy, doesn’t it?

The wander was going well. Until. Thirty minutes into the hike we were bull-yed. A certain set of bovines wanted nothing to do with the four-pawed wanderers, approaching several of us with their menacing moos.

Anna Grace, in the lead with CTF, made a rapid U-turn and got outta Dodge when the bulls stood up and started walking toward them.

Free of the fearsome four-pawed, I stayed back to snap.

We rerouted rather than risking an attempt to reach the Hütte, to then only have to face the bovines on the return.

CTF led the return to the Bergstation Gasthof, where we naturally enjoyed our Schnitzels with a View. Perhaps our third visit will be the charm.