Ssshhh. Don’t tell Clayton Theodore that we went hiking without him…

Wednesday last was a UN Holiday for Tony (Eid), and the conversation just after Anna Grace departed for school went something like this:

Me. Let’s spend the day at a spa?

Tony. (Without batting an eye) You’ll last 20 minutes and then complain about being bored.

Me. (Sigh) Let’s head to the mountains for a hike?

Tony. I told you.

I hurried to find a wander that was “not too far away” yet would bring us relief from the heat, and found something in the Wiener Alpen that mentioned a waterfall. Once off the Autobahn we drove through rural parts of Austria that could have been settings for the movie Deliverence (I do not jest) until a roadsign marker pointed to a graveled “parking lot” for the trailhead.

Along the way, cows! I never get tired of seeing these bovine beauties.

The wander was short, just 5km from the trailhead to the waterfall and back. The shaded areas and the cool water almost had me wishing I’d brought along a light jacket. Almost.

Several bridges took wanderers back and forth over the river. At one crossing we found a sizable cairn; the sign invited those inclined to make a wish and leave a stone.

A good scramble for the most part, over a path I would call “rustic.” The pretty alpine Peacock Butterfly made several appearances, and even stopped fluttering long enough for a snap.

Lots and lots of alpine bluebell, I think, added colorful moments along the wander.

Oh, and we did eventually see the waterfall.

Regrettably lunch was not our preferred Schnitzel, because there were no open Gasthof along the return route to the Autobahn. Everything otherwise being equal, we’ll take a sad lunch at a roadside cafe for a day in the cool and calm of the Wiener Alpen.