Like an American State Fair, but for the entire country.

The weather on our previous visit to this festival in 2014 was decidedly more agreeable than the cool and rainy skies on this visit. But, given that the heatwave gripping Central Europe has broken there were no complaints about wearing jeans and a sweater from me.

From farm to tailor to table.

A kindly Babushka led me through the Slovakian tradition of “tatting,” making highly intricate lace designs, though the only words of instruction I could understand were, “Tak” (yes) and “Nie” (no). I heard more Nie than Tak.

Oddly, though, I could translate this menu board: potato noodles with duck fat crumbles. It’s all in the root words…

Artisans in traditional costumes and Slovak dancers kept everything lively.


It’s always nice to see the Stars and Stripes (at the Embassy), even from the other side of the security perimeter. Our embassy sits on one of the grand pedestrian boulevards, along with others; the decision to fence off the area has irked many a Slovakian, who view this as arrogance and, understandably, ugly. The Bratislava Mayor has ordered the fence removed; in response I think the embassy plans to move elsewhere.

A blast from our past. We visited Berlin in 2002 when the “Bear-lin” bears were scattered across the city. I can not recall whether I snapped this one at the time.

I am in awe at the skill involved in creating something so fleeting.

And for lunch, what else but Georgian food at a new restaurant I have been wanting to try: Khinkali (dumplings) and Satsivi, chicken with walnut sauce. It should go without writing that not only was the food spectacular, but we also brought home two bottles of Georgian wine. 😉