Brunnenmarkt is one of Vienna’s markets where you find real life, and is one to which I return time and again when the family requests grilled lamb cutlets for dinner. Last week was one such occasion, and I thought to take a few snaps along the way. (“My” Halal butcher is superb; I once explained that I wanted “beautiful cutlets” for a dinner party, and he hand trimmed each one. Now I routinely ask for beautiful cutlets. I am spoiled like that.)

From my vantage point on the Eww6. “Humans of Vienna” should be a thing.

Fluffy knows the drill.

The market sits in Ottakring, the city’s 16th District, one that is home to a sizable Turkish population. Though the market doesn’t have quite the bazaar feel of Istanbul, there is plenty to catch one’s eye. “Kuttelfleck” is tripe and is used in dishes the world over; ditto for the “Rind Fuß” (cow feet). A nose-to-tail scene if ever there was.

A parfumerie stand is a new arrival since my last visit.

And so is this parfumerie pop-up.

There’s plenty of bric-a-brac to wade through, but I exclusively come for the lamb and produce, both of which are considerably gentle on the pocketbook.

A digression: for as fussy as the Viennese seem to be about produce, they willingly purchase shucked and pre-packaged corn on the cob, bundled in a trio, for about €2 at the chain grocer. Here, I can select the cobs to my liking, unshucked. The cost? Five ears for €2. The aroma of roasting corn husk on the grill? Priceless. And let’s talk Melanzani, since I’m on board the S.S. Digression. Though we all claim to despise the awful aubergine, it has somehow been sneaking into recipes at home. I think it’s the wonders of the Weber; grilled eggplant is not so bad. This is peak eggplant season, yet my chain grocer did not have a single one in stock. Every vendor at the market had large purple piles, however!

Back on topic. For the first time, a display I would not expect at a market that caters to a modest culture.


Though I will often purchase a Börek, the aroma of freshly baked Naan spoke to me and I ordered a Falafel sandwich zu mitnehmen.  Handmade Naan and handmade Falafel, with plenty of spice. All of this goodness for a mere €2,50.

My multi-culti wrap was even still warm by the time I reached home.