Saturday’s grape harvesting was all work. Sunday’s wandering along the Genussmeile was all play.

This was a do-over from the rained-out prior weekend, and our third time participating in this event. So far this vineyard wander hasn’t caught on with the flip-flop wearing, Sturm-sloshing crowd of Vienna’s vineyard wander, Wien Weinwandertag likely because it requires a modicum of effort to reach the start point. But this is a good thing.

Cue the beautiful day…

…the guests of honor…

…and the wily guide.

The entire route stretches for 16km through the vineyards around several towns; along the way there are numerous places to stop and appreciate the local wines and fare in lovely settings.

There were organic and vegan offerings here and there for those inclined. To be honest, after wandering several kilometers neither of us would ever be inspired to sit amongst the vines with a piping bowl of Vegetable Curry. And judging by the empty tables, we were not alone in our opinion.

Mangalitza wurst (Hungarian Hairy Pig) and Sturm at a sunny table was more our style.

The Vegan Vendor also brought along their resting alpacas. Llamaste? 

No surprise, this tent was popular.

We wrapped up our 6km trek with a substantial snack at a hut with entertainment. Who doesn’t like a little Celtic music with their Brettljausen?