Back to School Edition.

AISV has been back to school for three weeks, which means there have been several occasions to drive the gauntlet that is Neustift am Walde to reach the school.  But I shall get to that.

First, her final Schuletüte. While intended for the youngest students, it became a little tradition when Anna began high school. Why not?

With the return to school and the concomitant livening up of the sleepy summer grocery, a couple of eyebrow-wrinkling new items appeared. Spreadable Twix.  There’s also spreadable M&Ms and a couple of other spreadable candy bars. Who thinks this stuff up?

In the sad vegan section, a translation gone terribly wrong.

And…what? Just, what?  I took these snaps at the end of AUGUST!

There is a hilarious (to me, anyway) set of PSAs informing commuters of the new eating ban on the U6. The “Eww6” is noted for its lack of air-conditioned cars and general overcrowding, so this smelly-food ban is a welcome improvement.

Leberkäs Crime Scene. Your food smells so criminal it is forbidden.”

These two old men will do anything for the Kibble Master.

Winding down the post with the requisite. Anna Grace was proud to have identified a candidate for the Asshat Parking Hall of Fame.

I think this is the first entry from the state of Kärnten!  This was the whole package, too. The 50-something driver whipped in, crushed his cigarette butt with the bottom of his suede loafers on the ground and ran a hand through his flowing locks before heading into the store. All the makings of a men’s mid-life crisis pharmaceutical advertisement right here in our little grocery garage.

Just a regular Oma who feels entitled to the Family space. Just like she felt entitled to checking out her 14 grocery items in the “Express, 8 Items Only” lane. I know this because I was behind her in the queue.

To end this edition. Seniors at AIS have the privilege of arriving late or departing early if their “Free Block” is first or last on a given school day. Last night Anna mentioned she had free block first today and asked if she could sleep in a little and if I could drive her to school. I cringed at the second half of the request; and after today, will pay untold sums of Taxi cash should she want to do this again.

Neustift am Walde is a narrow old village road where drivers play “Chicken” for turf and compete with commercial, AIS, and VIS school buses to gain that 0,5 second traffic advantage during the morning commute.

The left turn in the diagram is particularly challenging in the morning, and that is putting it mildly. The sightline along Rathstraße is a bear, so it often comes down to the pedestrian crossing at the junction to free up the travel lane, which is where I found myself this morning.

With the inbound bus stopped for passengers, and an actual pedestrian crossing to my right, I made the left turn, only to realize that an Asshat (in the purple “auto”) had sped around the cars and was attempting to cut me off with their fancy-pants car. The plan was foiled when the bus began to move, forcing Asshat Driver to screech in behind me, so close that the position sensors in my wagon went berserk.

Asshat Driver crawled up Neustift am Walde behind me and the long, long, line of traffic toward the school. At the blind-turn Sulzweg I indicated I would be turning right*, and slowed because a big car was approaching my medium car. We both slowed to avoid one another, but apparently that 0,2 seconds lost was too much for the Asshat, who sounded their horn at me.

Anna joked about the driver, “Watch it be someone we know.” Heh. Of course we met again at the school. Asshat Driver is both wealthy and notable within Vienna’s upper crust; and the passenger, a schoolmate of Anna’s.  Money and status does not confer (good driving) etiquette, I guess.

*An update: In the weekly school newsletter, parents were reminded that when driving their students to school and/or picking them up, turning right on Sulzweg is in accordance with the school rules to prevent traffic jams.