“Wine Hikers” is an actual term!

On the lovely side of the Kamptal is Langenlois and its sister wine villages, home to a spectacular array of “All-Rounders,” the Grüner Veltliner…

…the “Divas, ” Pinot Noir grapes that can be quite moody…

…and the “Wine with History,” the Zweigelt among other grapes that we discovered on Sunday.

But this was no ordinary hike; for a modest charge one can rent keys to the three “wine safes” along the route and sample the chilled varietals waiting inside. Along with the rental comes the gift of a handy shoulder bag to hold one’s Riedel glass; a trail map; and a guide to the wines that would be made from the grapes we walked amongst.

And there was more to the hike than grapes!  Whimsical sculptures dotted the route, ostensibly to keep one distracted on the 140m ascent along the second kilometer.

Interesting facts about the grapes and the winemaking process were interspersed, too. Along one lane, the Four Seasons of Grapes.

Telescopes from which to view across the picturesque valley.

And jumbo frames for that perfect snap.

About halfway into the 6km hike, our map had us “Turn at the grape cluster.”

And, viola! The first hut, and the first wine safe!

A group of fellow wine hikers were lunching and tasting inside, so we enjoyed our Sekt  al fresco.

And on this fun went for an additional 2km or so. At the second “wine safe” we noshed on the snacks we had brought with, soaking up the rays and the fresh air. Water and regular grape juice was also available at each safe; a nice treat for a “Wine Hiker.”

Clayton Theodore was pretty into this, as well, as he quickly realized there were snacks for him every time we stopped.

The final stop was our favorite, and we lingered here to appreciate everything good in our lives.