The pins return!

This event began to go downhill when it was “discovered” by those who wear flip-flops to vineyard hike while sloshing plastic cups of Sturm.  On the 10th anniversary of this event in 2016, the organizers decided to stop giving pins to those who hiked the trails. Then, this year I read there was to be an “afterparty” at one of the truly pretentious wineries.

We almost decided not to hike this year. Then, we thought we might try the route across the river, thinking that it might be less popular. When all was said and done, though we laced up our wandering shoes and wandered the same route as before, and before that, and before that…

The Guests of Honor.

The intense summer heatwave took a toll on the autumnal palate of the vineyards, but there were no complaints about wandering on a blue sky, sunshine-filled day!

The pop-up heuriger so typical of the Weinwander.

Sturm and local wines, all to be enjoyed in a pretty setting. The light red, or pink Sturm is our favorite.

About 10km later we wound down our wander with a late Backhendl lunch at a heuriger in Neustift.

To Wein WandernWien 2018!