We found ourselves “Lost” in Translation on Saturday.

Not wanting an all day hike since we would be attending “Long Night of the Museum” later that evening, I found a lovely 7km “Erlebnisweg” (Adventure Walk) described in a fall newsletter for Niederösterreich: just 45 minutes from the house; family-friendly and a “top” route for autumn color.

The walk began fine enough: the trail blazes were obvious; past a farm and Rapeseed field we went, climbing into the forest.  Oddly, CTF was terribly misbehaving, dashing back and forth across the path and furiously sniffing, even for the scent hound that he is.

About 2km in we reached the anticipated split in the trail, but did not see any blazes. What we did see, however, was a BEAR TRAP!  FULLY BAITED!

Deciding that perhaps we had somehow missed a blaze and were now in the wrong place, we calmly but quickly retraced our path back to the starting point and decided the hike was over!

(Reflecting upon the matter later, it seems we traversed along the blaze-marked red path and found the trap at the end of the third red arrow, though the unmarked yellow trail is the one we should have been on. Still, a bear trap about a half-kilometer away from a family-friendly trail was not our idea of “Adventure.”)

But this Stranger Things episode did not end with our wander. At our seemingly middle-of-nowhere heuriger stop for lunch (The “Schnitzeling” without the “Hiking,” if you will) there appeared a tour bus, disgorging its many riders to dine along with us.

In a matter of moments our scene went from quiet to chaos as the hungry travelers studied on the menu. For what they studied on the menu I do not know, as the options are always, and only, Austrian.

And still the strangeness continued! Tony ordered the Grill Teller that, unless otherwise indicated, is a one-person grill sampler. However, just look at the size of Tony’s order!  This platter is straight out of America’s Cheesecake Factory restaurant!

My order of  ½ Backhendl  was more like a giant chicken, so between us we had the makings of an incredible leftover party. Which, as it turned out, was just what Anna Grace and a friend were in the mood for later that night, when Tony and I headed out for Lange Nacht der Museen…