You already know the topic.

Today I “had” planned (note the operative word, “had“…) to take myself to the Wachau Valley, to photograph the fall colors from atop a couple of the castle ruins, Aggstein and Durnstein. It was my way of procrastinating over writing the backlog of blog posts in my files.

Around 1000 I walked out to the MomMobile and could not open the driver door. And then I saw it. Some SUPREME ASSHAT had hit the car and had not bothered to leave a note; the left front quarter panel had been squished against the door, preventing me from opening it.

A police report had to be filed, because that is the only way the dealer can bill the insurance company for repairs in Austria. Sigh. So, instead of beautiful autumn colors I saw the not-so-beautiful inside of the police station. Though, kudos to the Polizei for their kindness and sympathy.

The MomMobile is in the hospital for about a week. Of course we are now out the €350 deductible for repairs because the SUPREME ASSHAT didn’t leave a calling card.

And also of course, Tony and I “had” planned to spend this coming weekend in Italy, hiking along the sea and eating delicious food before he moved along to a conference and I drove home. Now we will not be in Italy; he will just take the train down on Sunday. There will be no seafood and no wanders along the sea. Thank you, SUPREME ASSHAT.

Because insult and injury are twins separated at birth, once back at home, as I was placing groceries on the counter I glanced out of the window to see some dude dropping trou to change clothes. I can not unsee this.

At the end of the day this is just another first world problem and a guy with ugly knickers, I know. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck.

I end this post as I always do. ‘Tis a double!  And rather heartbreakingly, one of them is a Volvo.