Scenes from the 56th parallel north.

Subway stations like miniature art works in their own right.


This translation made me chuckle.  The letter of the third word, that looks like a “W” is pronounced, “Sh.”



Everything you need.

Creamy Peanut Butter with Maple Syrup.

Yield to runners in the road?

Probably runs on vodka.

Even the zebras are different in Russia.

A public WC for women.

People queuing for roses on a Friday afternoon.

My name in Russian on a Starbuck’s cup (at the airport).

It is said that Saint Petersburg is, “Too far west to be Russian, and too far east to be European.” I think I agree. These scenes could be anywhere in Vienna.

Look! Grüner Veltliner on the menu.

And Klimt in the airport.

Going home.