When Wes Anderson pokes around in the holdings of Vienna’s museum collections.

The Kunsthistoriches Museum began a series a few years ago whereby notable persons, not necessarily those from the art world, were invited to curate an exhibit. This time, the famed director Wes Anderson was offered an invitation. He and his wife pored through and sifted over the 14 collections held by the KHM, and even coaxed a few items from the Natural History folks to assemble this 400+ piece exhibit.

“The exhibition is the culmination of several years of patient, frustrating negotiation, bitter, angry debate, sometimes completely irrational confrontation, and often Machiavellian duplicity and deception. Perhaps I am as guilty as she is, but I doubt.”

The relationships of the pieces in some of his galleries were more immediately apparent than others.


Some of the other connections were not so apparent.

Only Wes Anderson would include an empty case as a piece of this story.

And of course, Spitzmaus Mummy in a Coffin.