The 6th edition.

“Hand & Foot Care” just doesn’t have that holly, jolly ring to it.

“Every Day a Pampering Moment.” Now that’s merry and bright.

Tall columns of candy! Gifts and Surprises! Build-it-yourself Retro Games!  Fun for children of all ages.

Ho. Ho. Ho. Man-sized, for the men in the house.

I would have a Blue Christmas with a vegan “surprise” everyday.

144 hours of “Festive Cocktail” and “All is Bright” aromas. My nose is wrinkled up as I write.

To end, we all wanted a spicy way to count the days until Christmas, but what fun is assembling your own Chili Sauce advent calendar?

Instead, we opted for the tried and true, chocolates and little Legos.