Off road time and a snowy trail walk to reach this first Adventmarkt of the season.

Jaidhof Schloss, it turns out, has been since 1985 home to the Society of St. Pius X, and many of the regional priests reside in the apartments, into which I accidentally wandered. In my own defense, the door was open. Loved the decor in the entrance hall!

Shabby Chic holiday decor in the hallways of the main building created a cozy setting.

In the many rooms religious icons watched over holiday shoppers and rooms filled with all things merry and bright.

Along with a friendly Dachshund, Millie.

Outside, more to explore.  Not at all certain what a “Hot Billy” might be, though Santa seems keen to taste it.

Perhaps Santa did try it.

Happy with our purchases and the snowy setting, we moved along to Stift Gottweig, mostly for lunch at its restaurant and in the hopes we might secure a table with a view.


This scene in the parking lot gave us pause for concern.

Indeed, this small market seems to have been overtaken by cruise ship day trippers. We overheard lots and lots of English being spoken, and saw quite a bit more “souvenir-y” type items than we expected. Though, I can not see this “New-Year’s Piggy” souvenir getting past a U.S. Customs Officer at all.

Monastery Gold Pumpkin Seed Oil and Oma’s Eierlikör. Hard to tell who the higher authority might be.

Though, Oma may have a direct connection.

We paused briefly to appreciate the Emperor’s Staircase before heading home in search of a Christmas tree.

This year, for whatever reason the “corner” tree vendor is no more, so our default was to purchase a garden center Tannenbaum. We were not alone in our plan; a family with their pet pony was also searching for that perfect Evergreen. Vienna is so pet-friendly.

O Tannenbaum.