At Schloss Rothschild, to be precise.

While “Hiking and Schnitzeling” may be our preferred weekend activity in good weather, the local crafts and decorated rooms of rarely open castles bring us good cheer in December.

Squishy hedgehog pillows and felted nativities. Exquisitely carved wooden pieces and curling stones too pretty to use.

A design like no other we’ve seen. Just beautiful.

Austrian humor. “Welcome to the Old Guy’s Club.”

Outside we toured the small castle complex before heading to lunch. Rather unfortunate design atop the tower, we thought.

The castle restaurant is rated a Falstaff one-fork ( a la the Michelin guides, except in German. I think.) and we were looking forward to lunch. Alas, I should have known better than to expect a table without a reservation.  A little down the road was the Ybbstaler Brau, though, a tavern and brewery offering the expected Austrian fare, and an unexpected little twist in the Men’s “Recycling” Room.

With Christmas music playing in the wagon and the views of a snow capped peak on our drive home, we quickly lost interest in wondering why a mannequin dressed in lingerie might be in a Men’s WC.