Including a bumper crop on the usual subject.

I was working in the garden when I heard considerable noise from car horns. Into the house I returned to peek out of the window to find out what might be troubling the impatient asshats in my  posh ‘hood.

The bus on the left was rerouted because of road work, but got stuck behind the parked cars at the corner. The bus in the background could not move forward, and neither could the bus on the right. Despite the horns being sounded, this took some time to sort out. Imagine that. I can not believe cars are permitted to park at the corner.

CTF made the little ones giggle when he climbed into the duck pond in Türkenschanzpark one warm autumn afternoon to gobble water.  The ducks, however, were not amused.

Interesting discoveries at the grocery.  More interesting is that a week later, most of the grasshoppers and crickets had been sold.

Pate for your pup. And yes, CTF enjoys it.

Terribly expensive caviar. From Serbia. In an expat grocery.

Why? Just, why?

Two cars. Four spaces.

One car. Four spaces. Arrogance? Entitlement? Laziness? You be the judge.

Breaks my heart to see MomMobile-driving parking offenders, especially the same vehicle on two separate occasions!

The space must be too big to navigate?

Nailed it.