A semi-solo weekday wander.

Mother Nature can certainly slap Level Ten Grey across Central Europe in the winter, so when she blinks and we are rewarded with blue skies and sunshine, and temperatures almost creeping up into the high single C’s, all indoor projects must be abandoned.

But where to go? As the founder, CEO and sole member of The Planned Spontaneity Club I keep a detailed workbook that would make tourism folks swoon on potential activities in and around Vienna so that I can dash off should the occasion arise.

At the eastern-ish edge of Vienna is the Lobau. Technically it is a flood plain, but is rich with hiking trails. In the summer, it is also rich with nudists. Thankfully this was not a summer wander.

In the late morning I packed my favorite Foxhound’s day pack (water bottle, “business” bags, and some treats) and pointed the wagon twenty minutes east-ish to a trailhead.

Shelf mushrooms. Not poisonous, but also, not edible.

It would appear that Wildschwein are making their way into areas of the park closer to suburban life. This I was not expecting, and I am thankful that my wily guide alerted me to a pair of baby boar romping about. I am even more thankful that momma and papa boar were not around.

The remainder of our wander was quiet, and quite beautiful. Across an old section of the Danube there is a bridge, and wandering here felt a world away from the little metropolis we call home.

The Knusperhaus at the trail head was not open, the goats standing in as greeters.

Down the road we drove to another Lokale because “S” is the requisite finale to these H&S outings. The table adjacent to ours had the Reserviert sign; and within moments of an elderly couple sitting down, both their beverages and lunch arrived without an order being placed. The only aspect of this that surprised me was that they paid for the meal–I fully expected them to have a tab.

Mother Nature is teasing us with forecast double digit temperatures for the weekend. Dare I hope that our Hiking & Schnitzeling 2019 season has begun?