When the parents take the Senior Skip Day.

Of course our four-pawed came along. Look at that smile!

A forecast late winter sun-filled and 23° day begs abandoning adult responsibilities every once in a while. So after bidding our true Senior a good day at school we mapped out a wander.

We have a self-made pre-existing condition to manage when it comes to wandering with the   Foxhound. While he can generally wander 10-12km before his arthritis gives him trouble, he must do the entire hiking before the Schnitzeling.  Once the old boy has settled in for his Pommes, we have discovered, convincing him that he has to wander further before climbing into the wagon does not go well and he behaves like a petulant toddler in need of his nap.

Hounds are clever even in their senior puppy years (perhaps even more so then), and as soon as CTF sensed a change in the routine on this morning he went on alert: that is, he positioned himself on the entrance hall rug rather than on the sofa and did not so much as close one eye toward his daylong nap.

The Lobau was again our destination; not the same trail I explored early in the month, but a mash up of two trails that offered lots of winter brown but also small carpets of Snowdrops, flitting yellow butterflies and barely visible Forsythia buds; and even a Virginia-style country lane to make our Foxhound feel at home.

Along a beaver habitat trail there were no beavers, bu there was the opportunity for a water entrance!

In keeping with the protocol, it was Schnitzel at the restaurant near one of the trailheads. Not particularly memorable, but the beer was cold and the Hauswein was dry. #Priorities