One more box checked on the road to graduation.

Last week saw the final home game for the Lady Knights; and in particular, the team’s three seniors.

The seniors entered the gym with their parents and were individually recognized by Coach Jones. Coach and Anna Grace have been together since Grade 8, and he is certainly a mentor she will remember.

Then it was game time. Vienna 87 is a local club team; typically they send their biggest and boldest players to beat us up. This time, Lady Knight #6 came prepared.

Flying and drawing fouls is what she does best. It’s the power of the ponytail.

When all was said and done, Vienna 87 was sent home having been walloped. Could not have happened to a more deserving team. Except, perhaps, VIS. 😉

Over this past weekend the Lady Knights competed in the final tournament of the season in Waterloo, Belgium. Tony and I did not attend because we will be in Waterloo for Anna Grace’s final T&F tournament in May. For all of my research I could not uncover enough sightseeing in Waterloo for one visit, much less two. Sorry, Belgium.

The Lady Knights were not top-seeded entering the tournament; hopes were pinned mostly on not being relegated down to Division 2. I naturally live-streamed the games and cheered on the team from my laptop. The second game of the tournament, versus the home team, St. John’s, was somehow the game that would decide relegation.

The Lady Knights were down by 15 points entering the 4th period. Despair. Then came the rally; and with 8 seconds remaining the score was suddenly tied at 51! Tony and I were each respectively screaming at our laptops in the office and at home when it appeared that our favorite Lady Knight grabbed a rebound…

Our favorite Lady Knight had dropped the winning shot!  I caught up with her a little later…

Though two games remained, the win over the home team ensured that the Lady Knights would remain in Division 1. On the following day AISV beat the British School in the Netherlands to finish 7th overall.  A spectacular finish to Anna Grace’s basketball career!