While on an out-and-about last week I found myself in Leopoldstadt, Vienna’s predominantly Jewish district. I decided to walk around part of the Path of Remembrance, a project that traces the deportation of Jewish persons with Stolpersteine, remembrance stones. It is not necessary to read German to understand what happened to a group of people reduced to nearly non-existence by the end of WWII.

There were three particular points along my walk that caught my attention. The first, the generic “Vergaser” sign. “Vergaser” is the German word for “carburetor,” (and as well, “something that gasses”). In this same building were 70 Jewish persons housed before their deportation transports. Just 6 survived.

The second, an Evangelical church with a plaque confessing that its parish did not show sufficient civil courage during the war.

The final, a nearby small square and popular meeting place of the underground resistance during the Nazi period with no markings at all.

While I much prefer posting about Vienna wanders; food; or hiking; or about my latest adventure, sometimes a political issue raises my hackles.

I find it deeply troubling that currently in the U.S. Congress there are elected representatives making anti-Semitic tinged statements; and even more so that elected representatives are supporting and defending these statements.

Niemals vergessen. Never forget.