A little wander a couple of weeks ago around the former grounds of a royal Liechtenstein, sold to the Royal and Imperial Baker Demel founder (August Dehne), then sold again to a non-royal Austrian actor in the interwar years, and now a park managed by the city of Vienna. So much history.

The plan had been to wander the park of Steinhof and capture snaps of the exterior of Otto Wagner’s Kirche am Steinhof (I can not bring myself to tour the inside of this complex used during WWII as part of the Nazi extermination of disabled children); however, four-pawed wanderers are not permitted. Adjacent to the walled hospital complex, though, is Dehnepark.

Lots of brown, naturally, but the winding trails and old trees in this valley made the park unique and our wander exceptionally enjoyable. And for our wily guide, not one, but two ponds for those all important water entrances. One of the ponds is home to the red-eared otter, who was a little camera-shy on our visit.

This being a valley, frog migration in the spring is a big deal. Be alert! Hopping toads ahead!

Alpine Squill (I think) here, there, and everywhere.

On a hilltop in the pond sits a ruined villa, that of the final owner.

As all good wanders go, lunch is the finale. But why the look of concern?

It was not because we were actually being charged for tap water. 🙄

It was because we were streaming the Lady Knight’s final tournament game and the officiating was straight-up crazy.  At the buzzer the Lady Knights had the W, so all is well that ends well.