Though I am not as inspired by Easter markets in the same way I am by Christmas markets, a market in a castle is another matter.

Schloss Rosenburg is a beautiful Renaissance castle that sits on a cliff atop the River Kamp, and tucked into one of the country’s national parks. We have visited before for its Falconry display and for its Christmas market.

Spring vendors filled several of the rooms, including the Falconry Museum rooms, creating an unusual juxtaposition: birds of prey (and antlers) vying for equal attention with hand-painted Easter eggs and all sorts of culinary and decorative treasures from this part of Austria (and America).

A rather interesting painted egg.

And rather large breads, too.

Gorgeous views awaited those who walked out onto the balcony.

Regrettably the roast lamb was not quite ready at the castle restaurant when we had finished the market and were seeking lunch, so we had to “make do” with Wirtshauskultur in the town proper.

On the menu: handmade tagliatelle with Bärlauch (wild garlic) pesto and grilled free-range chicken, all in a multiple-award winning tavern. No complaints.