Though not because of the hiking.

Burg Perchtoldsdorf was also hosting an Easter Market this past weekend; and though I have written that the spring markets do not much inspire me, the three of us (the Wily Guide being the third member of the party) thought a repeat wander in the Perchtoldsdorfer Heide, followed by lunch and a little market-wandering would be a lovely way to spend a warm April Sunday.  Mostly not so.

The heath was abloom with flowers, as well as those taking snaps of said flowers.

A magazine shoot?

By the time we had reached the furthest out Hütte it felt too early for lunch, so we decided to wander back down and into the town. Certainly there would be a Gasthof or some such at which we could partake of the requisite Schnitzel? It’s an Austrian requirement, right?

Nope. The lone restaurant was closed. The Spanish (?) restaurant was closed. And the two “Enotecas” were closed. Adding insult to injury, Clayton Theodore was not permitted into the castle (!), so I did a quick spin through the market while the boys sat in the park, finding nothing encouraging me to open my pocketbook.

We have encountered one or two outings like this and the endings have been tragic stops at either the Golden Arch Steak House or the Autobahn’s favorite, Landzeit. With not even these options available we pointed the wagon (and a rather upset Foxhound) toward a known destination on Sophienalpe, fingers crossed.

No Preiselbeeren for my Schnitzel but hey, beggars can not be choosers this early in the hiking season.

The Foxhound gets his Schnitzel.

Note to the Perchtoldsdorf city staff. If you’re inviting people to your town, at least maybe provide visitors something to eat?