Lots of good stuff in this edition.

Caramel Ice Cream with Lebkuchen cookie bites. Very Good.

That this sign needs to exist at all is Very Bad.

The very first photo with my new camera, looking into our garden at sunrise.

The Baron and Baroness von Heron have returned to Türkenschanzpark, and I was there to stalk them!

When the noise of his little humans gets to be too much, Jolly just drops by and meditates on our terrace.

Tony’s Doppelgänger looking rather snappy.

What’s in the ex-pat pocketbook? An expired Hungarian Forint note; 4 grocery cart tokens; some Lipa, Yen, Krone, Rubles, at least; and a Minsk subway token. And, thankfully, the Euro coins I needed to tip the delivery person.

Speaking of Euros. Seven years in country, and I still do not understand why people walk about with wads of 100 Euro notes on their person.

The hallmarks of an excellent hike: paw prints from our Wily Guide; layers shed; the camera and poles; local wine from the Gasthof at which we lunched; and on this occasion, the necessary twigs for decor. Next stop, the car wash!

The finale of this variety show does not disappoint.

No child in sight. Just the unabashed lazy, entitled Weinerin taking a family space. Though, she did park properly, at least.

I almost don’t take these snaps any longer. (At least the diplomat knows how to park. 😉)

To end. This driver tried.

This driver did not. A day later the parking ticket appeared.