Two visits within one week, and the only Wildschwein spotted was a stuffed specimen at the nature center.

Spring had taken a short holiday last week, but a volunteer plan with a friend and two women from LEFÖ could really not be changed. LEFÖ is an NGO begun in 1985 to intervene in cases of trafficking of women, providing them with the counseling and care they need to reintegrate into society. (Our contribution was toward the integration.)

Though we had some humorous difficulties connecting on this morning, the rest of the day went superbly, if not cold and breezy. The Lainzer Tiergarten was our chosen destination, and we inundated the women with facts about Hermesvilla, built by the Emperor for his wife on one of his hunting grounds.

We also wandered around the “NaturPfad,” a learning trail (after all, part of being Viennese is the love of a wander!); showed the women how to collect the wild garlic, Bärlauch and provided them with a recipe for Bärlauchcremesuppe. Though the reserve is home to numerous boar, the only one we spotted was the stuffed one in the nature center, however.

I just thought this tree looked old and wise.

Fast forward to today, with glorious weather. Another friend and I decided to take a wander through the preserve in the hopes that we might spy said Wildschwein.

No, not today. Plenty of spring green but no piggies. Perhaps they are all on spring holiday.