The calm before the IB exam storm.

With classes at AISV officially over and exams two weeks away, nothing clears the HS mind more than a walk in the woods. On Saturday last we convinced The Teen to join us for a moderate wander in the moorlands northwest of Vienna and near the CZ border.  Of course the wily guide led us.

In the town proper, Burg Heidenreichstein. So castle-y.

Provence has Lavender. Central Europe has Rapeseed.

At the trailhead and already happy.

A short way into the wander we passed Llama-walkers. Apparently it is a thing for interested persons to exercise the Llamas from the nearby Nature Park Farm. Clayton Theodore was as intrigued by the Llamas as they were intrigued by him.

This region of Austria is home to landscapes of lush green carpets and soft pine needle-covered trails; and a mind-clearing pine aroma that gently surrounded us as we walked. There are also boulders left over from the Ice Age; though, not all are climb-able.

One of the ponds, and one of the lookout towers in the moorlands.

The always-important finish to our wander.

A celebrity (statue) sighting!  John Wayne! The statue fit in well with the quasi-Austrian country music coming across the speakers; perhaps there is a theme.

The Wily Guide gets his pommes.

To forest bathing and head-clearing wanders. Cheers!