It would be wrong to be indoors on a day as lovely as this.

Easter Monday is a holiday in Austria and rather conveniently also a U.N. holiday, which meant that my favorite boys were my wander-buddies. The Teen, meanwhile, was kicking off IB leave with a Chemistry study group.

We visited Schloss Laxenburg a couple of years ago and rather much enjoyed the wander, so why not return?

Green in every direction. Trees waiting to be climbed upon. Whimsical gargoyles on the castle. Fields of Bärlauch now in bloom and past their harvest…

…fields of fluffy pollen!

For lunch beside the pond, classic Wiener Schnitzel of course; and an added shared indulgence of an Austrian confectionary known as Mohr im Hemd, a steamed chocolate cake topped with hot chocolate sauce and whipped cream. In 1888 Othello was performed for the first time at the Court Opera; Viennese confectionaries celebrated by creating this sweet. Translated literally Mohr im Hemd means, “Dark-skinned person in a shirt,” the “shirt” being the whipped cream. Now you know.