Who does not love Paddington?

Buildings that caught my attention for one reason or another.

Who would not like “Free Cash Withdrawals?” ūü§£

An abbreviation for, Pedestrian-Light-Controlled (PeLiCan) crossing. I was hoping it was a nice shout-out to deformed birds.

Our curious minds wanted to know. Do the good people of Britain roll the dice and take a chance with a “4” on some days or go all out and bet on the Food Poison Rating of “0”?

“Jacket Potatoes.” So cute.¬†Tuna on one’s baked¬†potato, though, not so cute.¬†

From the bookstore I spent many minutes within. Mary Berry does not prepare anything quickly. Sorry.

It was near impossible to wander London without a social justice/fair trade/eco-conscious/organic/responsibly sourced something-or-other in our face. The Resistance/activist culture was almost unbearable.

“Oat Milk” does not exist. Milk comes from cows. “Oat Milk” is the liquid squeezed out from soaking oat flakes.¬†It is not milk.¬†And what is “Vegan Milk?” The tears of free-range unicorns?

One bookstore was way worse; most thankfully I had shopped at a sane bookstore that catered to all points of view, and am happy to have dropped some serious pounds sterling on my reads there instead.

Even political dog toys. Because one’s dog chewing up a likeness of a world leader helps, somehow?

This was the silliest one yet, at the Spitalfields Market.

Wait, I take back the “silliest” award. ¬†Bad grammar notwithstanding, does this shop owner not know who became the U.S. President?

Finally!  Activism I can relate to.