Not quite either, but on occasion that’s how it falls out.

On Labor Day Tony and I took the holiday (and with gorgeous weather) to head to the steppes of Burgenland in the hopes of seeing some of the migratory birds that pass through in spring.

The path around Lange Lacke was our preferred trail; though this year the lake was already dry (not enough winter/spring rainfall), so no migrating shore birds for us to spy. However, Stork and Grey Goose were abundant, along with deer and the common, and rather large, hare.

It being we were a stone’s throw from Hungary we headed across the border to spend down a small pocketbook of Forints at a little place we have frequented over the years, where lunch portions are large and prices are small. The photo is of Tony’s meal, Mangalitza cutlets coated with hash brown (equivalents), and then topped with sour cream and sheep cheese. So. Much. Food. 

Lunch, along with three bottles of Hungarian Kékfrankos to bring home totaled just 17.000 Forints (~€52).  Two sides of the former empire, and so very different.