To all the new friends, Herzlich Willkommen!

To those bewildered by the redirect from Tails From The Vienna Woods, allow me to explain.

Our seven years in Vienna is coming to an end. The various organizations within the United Nations all have different term limits (or not); Tony’s agency stands firm with “Seven and Out,” except for the DG who just extends his own contract. Such is politics.

The pack-out is nearly scheduled. CTF has his papers in order. The flights are soon to be booked.

There won’t be any bucket list check marks on the way to the airport, because I do not believe in bucket lists.

No, “What will I miss?” and no, “What won’t I miss?” reflections. The blog has offered plenty of hints at those answers over its course.

No “regrets” whining, either. What would there be to regret about a seven-year overseas adventure?

As we prepare to depart our adopted country and repatriate to our country of citizenship the blog will just be a crazy melange of tales. Like our life.

America is not the same as when we left. And we are not the same people returning.