Mother Nature served up a schlecht Sunday recently, so what better to do than gaze at art and cozy up in a cafe for lunch? After all, we do love our art brut.

“Art Brut” is the term given to art produced outside of the mainstream, and often applies to works created by mentally-handicapped persons. In the late 1930’s this art was referred to as “Degenerate Art,” giving Hitler one more reason to “get rid” of certain people. Thankfully much of this art has been saved, and the Bank Austria Kunst Forum put together a remarkable exhibit for us to enjoy.

This piece is striking, though it will never share wall space with any artist in a major museum.

The intricacy of these embroideries? Certainly on a perspective par with that of the Bayeaux Tapestries.

Maybe a little Georgia O’Keefe influence here?

The detailing is astonishing…

Who doesn’t see Escher in these prints?

Maybe refrains of Nico Borismani?

Okay, perhaps a (little) stretch, but doesn’t this have a Klimt-vibe to it?

My personal favorite, this delicate watercolor.

Afterward, lunch at a nearby place we had never previously visited, having previously dismissed it as touristy, but in the face of pouring rain now deciding a drop-in might be a good idea. There were but scant open tables available, and so we settled into one.

A rather respectable Tartare to share at the start.

Our lunch selections were equally pleasant; and, it being that we had nowhere in particular to be on this afternoon, we requested the Marillen Palatschinken to share, the lovely crepes filled with warm apricot marmalade. And two Melange, of course.