Another schlecht Sunday. I reiterate that we are not spending our remaining time in Austria checking places off a list; the day just lent itself to a new exhibit at a favorite castle (I have several favorites), with lunch at a favorite Weinschank afterward.

The castle of choice was Renaissanceschloss Schallaburg, rather commanding even on this brooding day.

The up close. This marks at least the 10th time we have dropped in, and possibly more.

The exhibit took us on a journey from the guilds of the Middle Ages to modern-day 3D printing and explored the role of hand crafts throughout. Like all of their previous exhibits, this one, too, was informative and engaging. But as is Schallaburg’s annoying policy, photography was not permitted.

To our surprise there was an available table at a tavern in the Wachau we have come to enjoy; this was the first time, however, that we were seated indoors. 

Honestly, the fire felt kind of nice, even though the calendar was reading May.

Mmm. Garlic Creme Soup to begin.

Perhaps I should not have ordered the soup. Lunch was on the large side, if I might understate. Though the ribs were exceptional, I did have to take half of my lunch home.

Scenes on the drive back home. A free-range egg automat, and cows!

Auf Wiedersehen, Wachau. Until we meet again.