A €253,60 outing.

After a miserable spell Mother Nature graced us with delightfully seasonal weather on a recent week day, so I snapped the lead on my four-pawed guide and off we set for one of the largest castle ruins in Europe, right here in Austria!  After seven years one might think I would have sniffed this one out before now.

Burgruine Landsee turned out to be more impressive and interesting than the “usual” set of castle ruins we have explored. Once upon a time the castle looked like this:

Image courtesy of the Internet

Now, it looks like this:

Though it is possible to ascend to the viewing platform at the top of one of the intact towers the staircase was of open metal, and for CTF that is a no-go. Still, wandering the expansive grounds took quite a bit of time (especially for the scent hound) and made for a perfect day.

Or so I thought.

The following day was Saturday, and Tony and I departed for a wander of our own out in the Wiener Alpen. About 5km into the drive the, “Check Tyre Pressure” (My Volvo speaks British English) alert appeared on the dash. Into the petrol station we pulled; Tony filled the tires and recalibrated the sensor; and upon getting back into the car remarked that the pressure in one of the tires was considerably low, indicative of perhaps a small leak. Sigh.

At the first autobahn rest station we pulled in so that Tony could check the pressure out of caution. Uh oh. The pressure had fallen by a large enough amount that we scrapped our wander and reversed course for home.

It being Saturday in Austria, services that are open at all pretty much all close by noon, so any hope of having the wagon for Sunday’s adventure (wherein we were driving visiting friends out into Niederösterreich) was out.

My wagon was left at the dealer, to be addressed on Monday. Promptly that morning “my guy” rang with the news that the tire had a fixable leak. On the return drive from the castle ruins I recalled an especially rustic section of the “road” leading to the parking lot, where I suspect I ran over something nefarious that punctured the tire. Total repair cost, €194.

The remaining €59,60 of the tab features in the next post.