A charmer at the foothills of the Ardennes.

After a cloudy start, the afternoon sunshine made the town sparkle. We easily secured a parking space, grabbed two cones (chocolate and raspberry), and wandered about.


Obnoxious selfie-takers had commandeered much of the Charles de Gaulle bridge, though I was able to slide in between for photos of the Citadel and Cathedral.

The “Dinant Footprints” along the streets in theory honor music legends and lead to a giant saxophone of Adolph Sax, the inventor of…I’m sure you can guess. All well and good; except some of the footprints were sized for a small child. Something to ponder.

From the looks of things, the “groom-to-be” was leading his (relatively soused) friends in the bus, with rock music blasting. Must be a Belgian thing.

We followed the same route in return to our lodging, the late afternoon light making me and my camera quite happy. Crossing into the Brussels limits we had our first experience with the urban driving maniacs. Viennese drivers are impatient; however, if they determine that you have stopped traffic flow for a reason (for example, Tony stopping at the lodging for me to alight, as the street was narrow and there was no place to turn in) they wait. With a little bit of patience. Not so the Belgians. Not only were we horned and flashed, but someone a couple of cars down actually rolled down the window and shouted something not-very-niceat me in French!

Across the street from our lodging a large festival was taking place, and we spied trucks and smelled food. Dinner! Not quite. The clerk informed us that it was a vegan food festival. Thank goodness we had picked up a Poulet Roti on the way into Brussels. With a bottle of wine and the leftover Frites, we enjoyed a simple supper before calling it a night.